1. The "thousand dollars a day" exercise...
Each of us must make choices with where to "send" our money. The giving of our funds is occasionally done without much thought. For example the impulse purchase of a treat at the grocery checkout counter or a cup of soda or coffee when running an errand. Other times we are very deliberate and conscientious with our "investments". The choices that are ours to make with money are great practice for creating our intention and inviting the Universe to flow even more money to us.

Just for fun imagine that today I give you $1,000.00. What will you do with it? How will you show the Universe that you are a good steward? Will you use it to begin to pay off debts? Will you invest a portion in your future?

Tomorrow I will give you $2,000.00 and the next day $3,000.00 and so on. By EXERCISING your imagination and seriously considering what you would do with more income, you set the pattern of belief and expectation. Once you have reached the $10,000.00 day I imagine you will be more comfortable with the possibility of operating with larger sums of money. You will begin to see, feel and expect that your "little blessing" (bills) can easily and effortlessly be cared for.

Money is a medium of energy. Put some energy into believing you have the capacity to receive and utilize more and more.

Create a circle of light around yourself and tap until you are perfectly calm. When it feels comfortable and natural to decide what to do with $50,000.00 you will be well on your way to receiving it.

2. Boomerangs: Test these phrases then tap any "blocks" away!
• Say out loud the amount of money you made last year.
• Now double that figure and state out loud the following affirmation:
• “I easily and consistently earn (DOUBLE THE AMOUNT) dollars a year.”
• Did you feel like that was not true?
• Did you feel like that is NOT possible?
• How large can the number grow before you feel that TUG in your chest/stomach that signifies you DO NOT BELIEVE THIS?

This is the very simple boomerang test.
Once you have discovered your belief limit, use the basic EFT tapping formula to dissolve the energy around that belief.

Even though I am still believing..."There is never enough"... I choose NOW to believe..."I have a rich Father. He is happy to give me monetary blessing. I will be a good steward."
"I have a rich Father," "I have a rich Father." "I have a rich Father," "I have a rich Father." etc.

Even though I am still believing…”I am not worthy of ($ a million dollars a year).... I choose NOW to believe..." I am of INFINITE worth and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I am still believing..."That I must work hard for my money... I choose NOW to believe..." Money doesn't care how it comes to me,money flows EASILY and CONSISTENTLY to me.
Remember that old patterns of energy must be retrained. You may have a wonderful "Aha" moment and think you have totally cleared the issue only to be surprised when it pops back up unexpectedly. Like a little stream the trickle of light and truth must be nurtured EVERY DAY until you have cleared the path for the creek, the lake, the river and then the ocean of strength in your new belief.

3. A sampling from the "Money Matters" Classes:
• What did your Mother say about money?
• What did your Father say about money?
• If not Mother and Father, who taught you about money and what did they “say” about it?
For example:
My mother always told me…. “You will always have to work hard to earn money.”
My Father always told me… “You will always be in debt. Get used to it now.”
OR: “Only evil/greedy people make lots of money”
Second: Take another look at the words they used:
Who gets to decide what “Work hard” actually means? Do you think working hard means…digging ditches? That is pretty hard work. How many millionaire ditch diggers do you know?

Take a minute to really observe your beliefs about “working hard”. What does that mean to YOU?
Now look at where your “teachers” were in history. What was your Fathers occupation? Did they “have” sufficient for their needs?

What would happen if you “disobeyed” their limiting belief about money and made more money than you NEED?
What FEAR comes up for you?

4. Affirmations and the Temporal Tap Procedure
Affirmations can be anything you wish to become true and operative in your life. They can be specific, such as,
"I easily and successfully attract 5 new customers every day,"

Or general, such as "There are plenty of customers for my services."

And they can be used to increase success, no matter what your career choice:

"I am making good money being a writer, artist, mechanic, hairdresser, etc."
It is important that the statements are in your native language or the one you are most comfortable with, in your own lingo, and aligned with your own values. For easy recall, make them short and to the point.
"I joyfully receive abundance in my life,"
"Right now, I am prosperous,"
"I always have more than enough money to pay my bills."
To perform the Temporal Tap, start tapping at the right temple in front of the ear canal and continue tapping on the scalp along the top edge of the ear until you reach the back center of the ear, just opposite where you started. The active spots are only along the upper half of the ear, from front center to back center. Tapping with all your fingertips bunched together ensures that you contact all the points along the Temporal/Sphenoid line. You do not have to tap too hard, just firmly enough to stimulate the energy. Perform three tapping repetitions, each time repeating your affirmation.
Since the effects of the Temporal Tap last about thirty minutes, wait at least that long or more before repeating the tap with the same affirmation. Doing the procedure several times a day can speed up the installation of new behavior and attitudes since reinforcement is an important part of the process. I tapped in my statement seven times a day at least. The more you tap in the affirmation, the quicker and stronger the effect and the easier your habits will change.
For increased effectiveness, write down your affirmation to make sure you are using the exact wording each time. However, if you think of a more appropriate statement, write down the new version and use that instead.
Use this Temporal Tap method separately for as many affirmations as you wish as long as you can easily address them all at least several times a day on a daily basis. Once your statement has become a part of your life, you can replace it with a new one.
Pay attention to what is going through your mind while you are saying the affirmations. For example, if you are stating, "I deserve prosperity and abundance in my life," and you’re hearing the boomerang: "This is useless, I'm not educated enough to be rich," your statement isn't ringing true for you and needs to be cleared of the PR or the words need to be changed. Perhaps saying,
"I now have the ability to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that create prosperity," would be more effective. If you are stating, "Money flows easily into my life," and you hear the words, "My parents lived from paycheck to paycheck and so will I," then try something similar to, "I am more abundant than my parents because they want it that way." Be creative with your affirmations; find one that really resonates for you and that you can believe in.
Affirmations could be stated as,
"I constantly do everything necessary to establish a positive flow of money in my life,"
"The universe always supports me," or
"Everything I touch is a success."
"My income increases whether I am working, sleeping or playing"
"I'm helping lots and lots of people," and "I'm making oodles and oodles of money."
"I'm making a minimum of $500.00 a week."
The possibilities for constructive prosperity affirmations are endless.
If you ever feel the Temporal Tap is not working, try changing the wording of the affirmation. Remember, it is important that the statement is comfortable for you and clearly reflects your goals.

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